Hello fintechs
Hello merchants

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Do you Know your revenue can grow very fastwhen users pay everywhere with the balancethey keep in your app? We thought so too.

Joovlin enable you become a checkout methodon e-channels so you become part of real buyingand selling. Now black Friday gets real for you!

Merchants selling online,
providers collecting payments

Joovlin is an easy checkout that help you collectpayments from fintech wallet users. It fits smoothly intoyour existing payment options and its super intutive.

Come alive with phone-number-only checkout. Savecustomers the pain of adding sensitive bank or carddetails online, which could expose them to fraud.

We got you covered

Secure Platform

With CIA-level security that
guarantees 100% encryption of all
data and safety of all transactions

Stay Safe

Never dangle treasures at a theif
Transact without putting sensitive card
details online, just phone numbers

Be Crisp

No download needed, integrate
with a few lines of code and
experience all platform coverage

Join scores of savvy innovators
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A field to throw, an opportunity
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